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She might only be 4-years-old but she certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. Her name is Ella Dobler and it’s a name that you’re going to want to remember. Her incredible dance routine has left the internet with their jaws dropped.

Ella is competing in the Rainbow National Dance Competition in the video on the next page. She was determined to win the first place trophy — and, of course, mom would be filming the entire moment.

The talented 4-year-old has been dancing since the moment she ever heard music. Ella had a natural rhythm about her and it followed her wherever she went. She was a light of excitement no matter where she was.

Ella was placed in dance competitions as a toddler and has perfected her skill more and more ever since. By just 4-years-old, it’s crazy to think that she was already competing on a national level!

She’s taken home many first place prizes and was determined to make it happen again. She was going to wow the judges and the crowd with an incredible dance routine that you won’t believe is performed by such a young child!

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One of the greatest things about the show America’s Got Talent is that there are no age restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a talented toddler or a groovin’ grandma, you’re welcome to the stage.

The judges on the show were about to get the performance of the season when an 8 and 9-year old walk onto the stage. What was their talent? They two tiny kids were going to do a dance performance to the famous song “Time Of My Life.”

You might be familiar with the hit song from the very popular 80’s movie Dirty Dancing. It’s a bit of an “adult” type of routine and movie so the judges were a bit surprised by the choice, but they were excited to watch it.

It was Paige and Artyon’s second performance for the judges, so everyone was anxious to see what they were going to pull out of their sleeves.

“All I can say is just have fun and wow us again. Good luck!” Heidi Klum told the two little dancers.

The adorable duo has been dancing for years and it obviously shows in their amazing and adorable performance. You’ve just got to see it for yourself.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably familiar with the acapella group Pentatonix. Each time the group releases a music video, it tends to reach thousands within a couple hours.

The group’s latest music video is one of their most viral videos yet and for a good reason — it’s incredible.

Pentatonix is a foursome (after a fifth band member left earlier in the year), and their latest version of “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn is blowing people’s minds all over the planet. When you watch it, you’ll see why.

Only 24 hours after being published online, the group’s video had been watched over a million times. These guys aren’t strangers to going viral but this was a record for them! They were blown away themselves.

Continue to the next page to watch the acapella group’s incredible performance. Get ready to have your jaw drop to the floor because these are some talented singers.

We can all take a lesson from this incredible little boy; he teaches us that we should have no shame in who we are and to be proud of our uniqueness. He’s a 12-year-old singer named Reuben de Maid from Cardiff, UK and he was once bullied for being who he is.

Reuben is from the Llandaff district in Cardiff and loves being in the spotlight. He has a huge personality, loves wearing makeup, and gets a thrill from being on stage.

Reuben caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres and she absolutely fell in love with the talented young singer. We can’t blame her one bit — his voice is incredible.

“I absolutely love this kid from Wales – his voice, his character, his uniqueness, all of it,” Ellen said on her Facebook page.

Ellen invited Reuben to be a guest on her popular talk show; of course, he accepted. The 12-year-old performed a beautiful cover of the remarkable song “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from the movie Dreamgirls.

Not only is his performance absolutely breathtaking, but the interview that Ellen does with him afterward is worth watching. He has quite the personality and speaks about the days when he was bullied for being who he is.

Continue to the next page to watch Reuben’s memorable performance and his sweet interview with Ellen Degeneres. This kid is so talented!

Shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance are getting more and more popular. It’s a great outlet for people to show off their incredible talents to the entire world.

Most of the time you’d expect to see singers, dancers, or even magicians on the show America’s Got Talent — ventriloquists are rare, and it’s a hard performance to pull off. It’s extremely difficult to be a talented and entertaining.

A man named Paul Zerdin was auditioning for the show, and ventriloquism was going to be his talent. He walks onto the stage and his face is shining with confidence.

The judges await his performance, wondering which direction his act was going to go. Little did they know, they were in for an amazing and hilarious treat. Nobody was expecting this at all.

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A 12-year-old girl named Allie Sherlock is a phenomenal guitarist and thanks to one video — she’s gaining worldwide attention. Her street performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” will knock you off your feet.

Back in June, Allie uploaded the video of her performing the pop artist’s song and it immediately went viral. The internet completely fell in love with the 12-year-old Irish girl. Her talent was incredible.

As she starts singing the beautiful lyrics, “I took the supermarket flowers from the windowsill; I threw the day-old tea from the cup. Packed up the photo album Matthew had made, memories of a life that’s been loved,” her voice is mature beyond her years.

Not only is her voice absolutely magical, she’s playing the acoustic guitar flawlessly. It’s hard to believe that she is only 12-years-old. There’s no doubt that this pre-teen is an old soul.

Allie often performs on Grafton Street in Ireland but this particular video was going to change her life. It even caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres!

An eight-year-old named Larissa worked up the courage to walk on stage in front of hundreds to audition for “The Voice Kids” in Germany. When she walked out onto the stage with a plastic cup — the audience were bewildered.

Little did the audience and judges know — she was about knock them off their feet with an incredible vocal and rhythmic performance.

Many kids auditioning on the show perform German songs, but little Larissa decided on a favorite American song called “Cups.” You’re probably familiar with it!

The song is a version of another that came out in 1931 called “When I’m Gone” which was the Carter Family song. It was then made viral on YouTube by Lulu and The Lampshades. It was made even more famous when Anna Kendrick performed it for the popular movie “Pitch Perfect.”

Since it regained popularity, hundreds of versions and renditions have been uploaded to YouTube. Each performer putting their unique twist on the song — sometimes with a cup, other times without.

The cup is usually used to keep rhythm with the fun song. When the little girl starts her performance — you’re going to love the looks on their faces!

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There are many people who try and make their living by busking in some way; playing guitar, singing a melody, doing a tap dance. A man in New York is one of those people trying to make a living by performing.

His name is Mike Yung and he’s 57-years-old — his most favorite thing in life is singing. He’s been singing in subway stations and on the train for over 37 years. In fact — this is how he has made is living. But one performance that blows everyone away was going to change his life.

Commuters in New York City have gotten to know and love Mike; his singing is absolutely beautiful. After some encouragement — he decided to take a chance and audition for a much larger audience.

Mike was going to take a leap and audition for the show America’s Got Talent. He was told by subway commuters that he sang beautifully — would the judges and crowd feel the same way? Could the commuters have been taking pity on him?

After walking onto the stage, Mike told his stories to the judges. The infamous Simon Cowell asked him about any low points he might have had over his 37-year career.

“The low point is, on a Monday or a Tuesday, you don’t make that much. But people get paid on Thursday and Friday and then make up for it,” Mike said with a smile.

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Music is one of the most incredible things that we humans create and use to communicate. It transcends cultures and boundaries bringing people together. It allows us to express ourselves on another level – like one contestant did for his brother who passed away.

The contestant was performing on Britain’s X Factor — adding to his nerves, the infamous judge Simon Cowell would be witnessing his performance. His name is Christian Burrows and he bravely took the stage.

After performing a song, the judges weren’t impressed. But afterward — the judges began speaking with the young man and getting to know his story. He mentioned his love for Ed Sheeran.

The intimidating Simon Cowell then reminded Christian that Ed Sheeran is an incredible songwriter. This is the moment that the nervous contestant revealed that he too was a songwriter.

Simon then asks Christian if he could sing something — Christian agrees to perform a song he had written for his brother that passed away. This is when magic was about to happen.

His performance had all the judges’ jaws dropped. Even Simon Cowell.

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