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When the X Factor Australia judges signed up to be on the show — they knew they’d be seeing singers from all walks of life. Some of them with amazing voices? And some of them not so much. Others? Simply blowing them away.

Signing up to be on a talent show that is broadcasted to an entire country (or even the world!) takes some serious guts. Baring your all on a stage being looked on by thousands — not to mentioned judged — has got to be nerve-wracking.

The X Factor Australia judges (Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert, Guy Sebastian and Mel B) were seeing act after act come on stage. Often times they were pleasantly surprised by the voices that came out of the contestants’ mouths.

Other times, the talent was a bit of a disappointment. For example, a bricklayer with a body that many women would find dreamy better stick to his day job as you’ll see in the video on the next page.

But it’s one girl’s performance that absolutely blew the judges away. It was so touching and so moving that it even made Iggy Azalea tear up and find it hard to speak. It’s an incredible performance to witness.

Watch this young girl blow the crowd away and move the judges to tears

It’s no secret that there are many talented people out there in the world. With the plethora of talent shows out there these days many of those talented people are showcased. Take, for example, the Got Talent shows are just one of those talent series.

On the show Britain’s Got Talent, they are used to seeing hundred and hundred of hopeful people dreaming of a chance at the big time. Sometimes they are singers, sometimes dancers, and other times a special talent.

When walking onto a stage in front of thousands, it’s got to be one of the most anxiety-inducing moments of all time. Especially when you have 4 intimidating judges about to watch you perform.

The dancer you’re about to witness on the next page didn’t seem to have ANY of those pre-show jitters. In fact? He seemed quite cool, calm, and collected.

His confident demeanor certainly paid off in his performance because it had the entire crowd WOW’d. Even the scary judge Simon Cowell!

His dance routine had the audience and judges going CRAZY! You can’t miss this.

We all thought there would be flying cars and teleportation by now, right? One thing Japan has dreamed up from the future – is a hotel staffed entirely by robots.

I’m sure you never thought you’d be checked into your hotel by a talking dinosaur. Or maybe you never dreamed you could have a built in concierge in your room to help you figure out a yummy dinner spot. A new hotel in Japan has opened a hotel called Henn-na Hotel – translating to “Strange Hotel” – that can make those bizarre ideas a reality.

Watch this unbelievable video of the all robot staff on the next page:

No one likes dragging their luggage up to their rooms – don’t worry, because here, you’re in the future! You don’t have to. Punch in your room number and off goes a robotic luggage transporter to deliver your bags to your room without you lifting a finger.

And just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better? Here’s the amazing part – it’s located in an amusement park! Seems like a place where dreams are made of!

Don’t worry – there’s human staff always nearby in case of emergencies or maybe a serious language barrier issue. This hotel is sure to be a hit – they also have a commitment to go green by not providing TVs in the rooms.

But really, who needs TV when you have your own friendly robot to talk to?


Photo Credit: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-19/front-desk-at-henn-na-hotel/6706992


When we were kids we had dreams of growing up to be anything from an astronaut to a ballerina or a chef to a policeman. One little girl in the UK dreams of being a magician and so far she’s off to an amazing start.

The 8-year-old girl’s name is Issy Simpson but she’s not just any ordinary 4th grader — she has talents that are guaranteed to make you scratch your head and say “huh?!” All because of…magic!

The sweet young magician approached the stage on Britain’s Got Talent with her head held high. It’s obvious that she has been practicing her tricks for quite some time because she didn’t seem nervous at all.

Her performance starts effortlessly with a trick involving two of Issy’s “favorite things”: magic and reading. How completely adorable is that? It’s becoming more and more clear to everyone in the room just how smart this little girl is.

But once the magic tricks start? The judges realize they aren’t dealing with any ordinary little girl. She truly is a magician that can fool even the most skeptical.

Her magic performance had the judges scratching their heads. How does she do this?!

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