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Meet The Little Drummer Girls!

Until pretty recently, the realm of percussion has largely been dominated by males. Not that there is anything wrong with that! In fact, we couldn’t be more thankful for the likes of John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Mike Portnoy, Lars and the like! We have been so percussively blessed.

That being said, it has been a long time coming that females started showing up on the drumming scene and laying down beats to rival the greats. So what could be more impressive than competing with some of the best drummers on the planet? Doing it before you’re twenty!

We decided to throw these girls a bone (or stick?)  and create a list of 10 videos showcasing some of the world’s greatest female drummers, all under the age of 20. Watch out though! These beats will make you move!

10. Paulina Villarreal Velez– This 10 year old can pound the drums with the best of them! She is from Mexico where she is the drummer for a popular rock band there called The Warning. Let us warn YOU though, her nickname is shredder for a reason!

9. Kanade Sato-Not only can this girl beat the hell out of the drums, she’ll trick you too! This 12 year old prodigy walked up to a full drum set in the middle of a Japanese mall and took a seat. She picks up the sticks and starts tapping different heads as if she’s never played before, then shocks the crowd by playing this.

8. Luo Xiao Bai– Also known as S. White, this 15 year old is well known throughout Taiwan for her impromptu street performances. While she totally crushes it on the drums, she also steals the show with her excitement that courses through her music, right into her audience! See for yourself here.

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Where Is This Child Prodigy Today?

Akiane Kramarik was first introduced to the nation as a child prodigy in 2003 when she painted two pieces titled Prince of Peace: The Resurrection, and Father Forgive Them. The realism the young child was able to produce in her paintings alone is noteworthy, but it’s her reply when asked where her inspiration comes from that has everyone captivated!

The two paintings are renditions of Jesus Christ that Akiane saw in what she describes as her “visions”. Akiane was born in 1994 in Mount Morris, Illinois. Her mother was a self-proclaimed atheist, and her father hailed from a non-practicing Catholic family.

So when the 4-year-old started drawing with a realism beyond her years, proclaiming the talent and visions were gifts from God, her mother was taken aback.

In several interviews, her mother explains that there is zero explanation as to how Akiane came to know about God or Jesus, or any of the other spiritually rich images she has created. The only explanation that has ever been given is the one that the young artist gives herself; she’s seen these people and places before, and God gave her the gift of her art to help bring people closer to Him.

As if the supernatural talent emblazoned in her imagery weren’t enough, her claims of seeing the true face of Jesus were solidified when the NY Times national bestseller book was released Heaven Is For Real. The nonfiction book is about a young boy named Colton Burpo who had a near-death experience at the age of four.

He had to undergo emergency surgery for a burst appendix and while he was on the table, he went to Heaven where he met angels, a great-grandpa he’d never met, and a miscarried sister he’d never been told about.

After the boy told his parents things he couldn’t have possibly known, they started pressing him for as much detail about his trip to heaven as possible. One thing they would do is show Colton hundreds of images of the face of Jesus, and according to Colton, none of them came close to Him.

Then one day, after three years of seeing and searching, Colton came across Akiane’s Prince of Peace: The Resurrection painting and told his father “They finally got it right!”  Continue to the next page to see the otherworldly experiences rendered by this little angel’s paintbrush!

We all thought there would be flying cars and teleportation by now, right? One thing Japan has dreamed up from the future – is a hotel staffed entirely by robots.

I’m sure you never thought you’d be checked into your hotel by a talking dinosaur. Or maybe you never dreamed you could have a built in concierge in your room to help you figure out a yummy dinner spot. A new hotel in Japan has opened a hotel called Henn-na Hotel – translating to “Strange Hotel” – that can make those bizarre ideas a reality.

Watch this unbelievable video of the all robot staff on the next page:

No one likes dragging their luggage up to their rooms – don’t worry, because here, you’re in the future! You don’t have to. Punch in your room number and off goes a robotic luggage transporter to deliver your bags to your room without you lifting a finger.

And just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better? Here’s the amazing part – it’s located in an amusement park! Seems like a place where dreams are made of!

Don’t worry – there’s human staff always nearby in case of emergencies or maybe a serious language barrier issue. This hotel is sure to be a hit – they also have a commitment to go green by not providing TVs in the rooms.

But really, who needs TV when you have your own friendly robot to talk to?


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I have seen some crazy stories in the past but this one really got our blood boiling! I think it was also because I have children and as I saw this story I couldn’t help but think of my own children and worry about the devastating impact peer pressure can  have on teens. But how can you explain how a teen boy kills girlfriend’s parents and then has celebratory *** afterwards?

Here we have a young, impressionable and obviously very troubled teen boy, who allowed himself to get involved in a very toxic relationship with girl who was very troubled herself.

“When police arrived at the yellow-brick house in Garland, Tex., on the afternoon of Aug. 17, 2010, they found Alan Nevil lying near death in a neighbor’s yard. He had been shot five times. One bullet was lodged in his throat. His wife, Darlene, was found dead inside the house, shot in the back and head.

Despite the blood in his mouth, Alan managed to gargle the name of their attacker.”

But that’s only the beginning of this bazaar and heartbreaking story.

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