Chadwick Boseman Trends After Being Introduced as “From Wakanda” at NBA All-Star Dunk Contest

I think it’s safe to say most comic book fans either liked or really loved the Marvel movie Black Panther. And a big reason for many was the great performance by Chadwick Boseman.

He just really embodied the character and really got all of us excited for where he would take the character in the next Black Panther movie. I know me personally…I can’t wait!

But one of the realities for great actors like Mr. Boseman is…if you give an iconic performance or give a great performance for an iconic character, like a…Black Panther…that character/performance can follow you…sometimes for your entire career. For better or worse.

Such an example of this was at the NBA All-Star Saturday event in Chicago last night.

From Comicbook.com:

What a weekend for Wakanda, first Harriet Tubman throws up the salute on a debit card, and now Chadwick Boseman gets introduced as from the fictional nation during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Funnier than that is the scores of fans who could not contain their laughter that King T’Challa himself was not feeling that introduction. DJ Khaled introduced all the contestants for tonight’s event, but things started to go sideways when he got to Boseman. Also, Twitter seemed to note that he was having trouble with his words in this instance. At any rate, the reaction and moment were comedy gold. The Internet is undefeated.

The Killmonger actor explained, “But they don’t understand, I’m not from Wakanda, technically. That’s a Chadwick thing. So when they say ‘Wakanda forever,’ low-key I’m still in character, like, ‘Nah, that ain’t me,’ [laughs]. That movie, honestly, and what it did, the impact that it made in the community in the world, especially for our culture — just representation, man. Being able to see yourself up on screen in a positive way that’s not stereotypical. That’s a position of power, of royalty, regular family dynamics, having history, having that culture, that mythology there was extremely important.

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