Cherry is Almost Done, Tom Holland is “Oscar Worthy”

Photo: Tom Holland in Cherry via Instagram

Although most people know Tom Holland for his great role as Spider-man, the Marvel actor has recently been getting a lot of praise and buzz around his role in the upcoming movie “Cherry”.

Cherry is an American crime drama film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo with a written screenplay by Jessica Goldberg and Angela Russo-Otstot. It is based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker. The film stars Tom Holland in the lead role, along with a supporting cast that includes Ciara Bravo, Bill Skarsgård and Jack Reynor.

So since the Russo brothers who are making this making film, have seen first hand how talented Tom Holland is, I’m sure it was not a difficult decision to pick him to play the lead role.

The film is complete and we should be getting a trailer to drop any day now. But the big question for the Russo brothers will be…how do they release this new film with this current pandemic going on? I’m sure we will get an answer to that soon as well.

Russo previously explained to ComicBook.com that Cherry will tell the story from the best-selling book which explores the opiod epidemic which America has been facing. He called it “a heartbreaking examination of what’s going on in the country right now.” Having shot the film since revealing those details, Russo is dishing out some high praise for the film’s star Tom Holland. “I think it’s an Oscar worthy performance,” Russo in the Friday phone call. “I think he is absolutely amazing in it. He gives a gut wrenching performance. What he does to himself emotionally and physically is unbelievable. We haven’t a seen an actor in a role like this in a while. The movie spans a decade, complemented by an epic performance. And one that I certainly hope will be in the Oscar conversation.”

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