This Child Saved $120. How He Chose To Spend It Touched My Heart!

This father tells the story of his young child who saved $120 and how he spent it…Trust me, you haven’t read this before…

Here’s a quote by a father from Reddit, which describes the most amazing little story…

Saturday morning, my son walked into my room and said he wanted to use his money to help the homeless. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said he wanted to make them lunches. I have to be honest, I almost tried to talk him into just holding on to his money and having mom and dad pay for it, but the light in his eyes told me to just roll with it.

Here’s the start of an amazing gift thought by the child…


They worked together to prepare the $120 worth of lunch baggies. The father made sandwiches while the boy stuffed the bags with chocolate, oranges, chips, and chewy bars.


The child looks so happy and proud, and he should be too!


They prepared around 50 lunches.


Loaded the lunches in the car.


These lunches were then given out to people on the street, the child’s dream was fulfilled!


I have a feeling that young child is going to do a lot of great things in the world 🙂 If this touched your heart, share it with a friend!

Here’s a shout-out to LifeBuzz for sharing this with us!

Article Source: LifeBuzz

Photo Credits: Reddit

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