Cold Play’s Chris Martin Reveals He Does Not Eat Dinner

Chris Martin altered his diet after speaking with Bruce Springsteen. During an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s Needs a Friend podcast, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin, 46, recounted how the rocker encouraged him to stop eating meals.

“I don’t eat dinner any longer. I quit eating at four o’clock, something I discovered when having lunch with Bruce Springsteen “Martin said. “That is absolutely correct.”

Martin made the switch after lunch with Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, last year.

“I was on a really strict diet anyway, but I was like, ‘Bruce looks even more in shape than me.’ And Patti says, ‘He’s only eating one meal a day,'” Martin recalled. “So I was like, ‘Well, there we go. There’s my next challenge.'”

Check out the full interview Chris has with Conan below!

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