Chris Pratt Says EVERYONE Returns for Jurassic World 3

For people who know me well, they know that one of my all-time favorite movies is the first original Jurassic Park. It still to this day blows my mind with the incredible visual effects and performances.

And speaking of performances…Malcom played brilliantly by the great Jeff Goldblum..is the best of all the characters to me. 

With iconic movie quotes like…”life, uh…finds a way”. Or “this is one big pile of s***”. Or “must go faster”, or my favorite: “

“Genetic Power’s The Most Awesome Force The Planet’s Ever Seen, But You Wield It Like A Kid Who’s Found His Dad’s Gun.”

Yes, I could go on and on about this movie. But unfortunately, many of the different versions of Jurassic park since the original, never have been able to capture that magic. 

And so many die-hard fans have continue to  hold out hope…albeit..slim hope that we could one day get a reunion with all original cast members.

Well…this is what comicbook.com is reporting regarding Jurassic World 3:

Variety caught up with Chris Pratt to talk about the film, bringing up that the OGs were returning and how he would react acting alongside them. He couldn’t offer much in the way of details, but he did say that the studio spared no expense and is bringing everybody back, which is pretty broad to say the least.

Check out the entire interview below:

Source Credit: comicbook.com


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