Chucky Season 2 Premiere Is Streaming Free!

Chucky’s second season has begun, and Syfy and USA have made the season premiere available on YouTube for free viewing.

The series, which serves as a sequel to Don Mancini’s Child’s Play/Chucky films while also tinkering with the continuity in some surprising ways, left off on a huge cliffhanger, so this episode gives fans a chance to see how things will go in the coming weeks as the second season takes us in a new, almost certainly insane, direction.

The surviving children of Chucky’s attack on his hometown (Hackensack, New Jersey) are transferred to an additional Catholic school in the second season, bringing all of their regular teen troubles and new Chucky traumas with them into the restrictive new setting.

Meanwhile, Chucky, Tiffany, and the Tiffany Doll are all plotting fresh nefarious ways to get their hands on the kids – and each other. The season is intended to provide viewers with a better knowledge of Tiffany, whose character underwent a major twist at the end of season one and whose doll plays an unexpected role in the season 2 opener.

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