WATCH: Civic Leader and Trump Supporters Come Together During Vigil

This was truly a rare sight… Trump’s supporters and citizens demonstrating against police brutality coming together and even holding hands in the end. Shocking…but amazing to see.

It was Friday night in Vancouver, Washington, where a memorial or vigil for Kevin Peterson, Jr., who was shot and killed the day before by the police, was occurring.

About 1,000 participants came to the vigil, as did Trump’s backers. Some of them were armed.

It seemed uncomfortable when someone from the vigil addressed the Trump supporters and requested them to step back from the vigil to let the citizens pay their respects. The guy started talking to a Trump supporter who had a pistol in his possession, and the interaction was truly amazing.

The guy — who claimed he wasn’t a part of Black Lives Matter — showed excellent skills in calming things down. He really did a beautiful thing telling the Trump supporter to honor the vigil, just like he would want if the situation were turned around.

It concluded with a couple of Trump supporters shaking the guy’s hand, as most of the other Trump supporters, kept their distance.

And all this was handled without any cops being present. Remarkable.

Check out this incredible video below.

Source Credit: TMZ.com

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