CNN Reporter Arrested On Camera By Police in Minneapolis

The situation in Minneapolis continues to go from bad to worse. And now we have seen something I can honestly say I have never seen. A peaceful CNN reporter and crew reporting on the situation have just been arrested by police.

You can hear the anchors on CNN in the video state that they were initially given permission to stand out of the way to report, but for some reason, the police changed course and just started arresting them.

A CNN reporter and camera crew covering the protests in Minneapolis overnight were arrested on live TV on Friday morning.

They were released after more than an hour in custody, after CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker spoke to Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who apologized and said the arrests should not have happened, the network reported.

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez told the network’s anchors after his release that he and his crew had tried to move out of the way of officers before the arrests. A protester ran by at that moment and was arrested, and shortly afterward the CNN crew was also taken into custody, Jimenez said.

However, the police did not explain why they were being arrested.

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Source Credit: NbcNews.com

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