Cosmos: Possible Worlds Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Iron Man Would “Wipe His Ass” With Batman

Photo: Comicbook.com

We already reported last week about Neil DeGrasse Tyson making big news, saying that “Marvel Is Hands Down More Scientifically Accurate Than DC”

But now he is making more news on the subject.

Comicbook.com had a recent interview with Tyson and here is a portion of that discussion as it relates to Marvel and DC:

He’s also got pretty strong feelings on who’d win a fight between Iron Man and Batman. Earlier in the week, we discussed his role in Cosmos: Possible Worlds, the highly anticipated science documentary that’s set to air on NatGeo in a matter of days. As it would be, we eventually ventured in chatter about comics and that’s when the astrophysicist dropped a bombshell — not only does he think Iron Man would handily beat Batman, he suggests Tony Stark would “wipe his ass” with Bruce Wayne and all he stands for.

“They’re both human, but they have access to extraordinary tools,” Tyson says. “Well, you and I know that Iron Man would wipe his ass with Batman because Iron Man came up with all his own stuff; Batman…he got handed his tools from other people. If you put him in a match, Iron Man wins every time. I’m sorry. You just put that out there. I’m all in on that one.”

Check out the entire discussion over at comicbook.com

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