Joker 2 is Happening…And With HARLEY QUINN?

Joker 2 is in the works at Warner Bros., with director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix returning, and the working title hints that it might pay off a shelved Harley Quinn picture concept.

Less than two years after Suicide Squad introduced the first live-action Joker since Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. greenlit what sounded like a risky project: a solo, Elseworlds Joker film with little ties to other DC characters and events.

To many people’s astonishment, a single Joker film was successful enough to reach the billion-dollar threshold at the box office, necessitating a sequel.

Joker 2 was officially announced through the director’s Instagram after years of rumors and conjecture, during which neither Todd Phillips nor Joaquin Phoenix said no to a sequel.

The film has no set release date, and Joaquin Phoenix is the only confirmed cast member thus far. While no details regarding the plot have been revealed, Phillips did share the working title for Joker 2, Joker: Folie à Deux.

From screenrant.com:

Folie à Deux translates from French to English as “madness of two,” which heavily implies that Joker 2 will feature a co-protagonist of some sort. Given how the first Joker ended with Arthur becoming a symbol to the people of Gotham, it is natural that Joker 2 involves a follower, a fan, or even a copycat of the Joker – all of which could describe Harley Quinn.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who in the DC lore turns into Harley Quinn while trying to treat the Joker, would fit perfectly into the direction that the Joker sequel seems to be heading, even if it means a completely new take on the character. Should Joker 2 really feature Harley Quinn either following or opposing Arthur, then the film would be secretly reviving a canceled DCEU movie idea involving Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker.

Then we just got some MAJOR proof about Harley Quinn from popular pop culture reporter/scooper Grace Randolph.

Check out her video below on the Next Page breaking down this breaking news!

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