Couple refuse to have kids because they say having children would make them miserable

A childless couple has disclosed why they are not interested in having children, claiming that their non-parent status allows them to have sex four times a week, take 12 vacations every year, and sleep in every weekend.

Taylor Vasu, 28, and her husband, Justin, 27, from Orange County, California, don’t want to be “miserable by having children.”

The pair is childless on purpose and refers to themselves as DINKSs (dual income no kids).

Taylor and Justin have been together for six years and spend their leisure time traveling, going on random lunch dates, working out together, and sleeping in on weekends.

They take a ‘weeks notice’ from work and claim to have ‘crazy sex’ four times a week.

Taylor and Justin, an IT sales professional, think it would be “irresponsible” for them to have children right now since kids are “expensive,” and they want to wait until they are “financially equipped.”

Rather of preparing for future children, the couple is saving for a house.

Taylor is ‘terrified’ of the burden having a kid may have on a marriage, and she doesn’t want to end up like other people she knows who are ‘frequently miserable’ with children.

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