CoverGirl Names 69-Year-Old As Their Newest Model And Her Photos Are Stunning

So, does Musk feel intimidated with the younger models? After all, she decided to have her hair go fully gray when she turned 60-years-old.

“I don’t dye my hair. It’s so fabulous.” And what happened when she let her gray show? “Suddenly I have all these editorials and bookings, and everybody is loving it.”


Musk is so much more than a beautiful face with a model’s body. She has two MS degrees, is a dietician, and has been modeling for over five decades.


“I always modeled part-time, thinking it would end. And it hasn’t, of course. ‘Just getting started’ is my hashtag.”


She also certainly doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“People are living longer and enjoying their lives more and know they don’t have to disappear at 65 when they retire. I will never retire. My mom never retired. I’ll work until no one wants me anymore, and then I’ll find something else.”


How amazing is this woman?! Please SHARE her incredible story. Way to go, CoverGirl!

What an admirable, gorgeous woman. She’s definitely the perfect role model for women of every age.

Source: InspireMore


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