Crowd Goes Wild For 9-Year-Old With A Golden Voice

Everyone was smitten by 9-year-old Angelica Hale from the moment she walked into the stage. She’s witty, adorable and a total charmer. Above all, she actually has talent that will take her all the way!

Angelica hails from Atlanta, Georgia. She is passionate about singing and will sing a song for everyone at the theater. She came to AGT with the support of both her parents who were in the backstage.

She also jubilantly announced to everyone that she will be a big sister soon. The crowd couldn’t stop swooning over the little girl.

But what really did it for her was her ability to sing. She chose ‘’Rise Up’’ by Andra Day and nailed it! It’s one thing to be good at singing but to truly own the performance is something else.

The judges and the crowd in general were impressed with her throughout the performance. Her pitch is perfect, her timing great and if it were not for her cute little girl voice, you’d think a seasoned singer is behind that performance.

She got a standing ovation from the crowd, including the judges. Her parents were emotional in the back, especially her mom.

‘’This should not be happening. You’re tiny. Your voice is huge. I have a feeling we might be looking at a star in the future,’’ Simon told the aspiring little singer.

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