Dad Devastated After Disney World Refuses To Let In His Disabled Daughter Who Can’t Wear A Mask

Photo Credit: The Blaze

From The Blaze:

Richard Ross, a father from Pennsylvania, says the family vacation he and his wife spent two years planning was ruined last week after they arrived at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida only to be told their disabled 7-year-old daughter would not be able to enter the park without wearing a mask.

The Rosses left halfway through their pre-paid 8-day stay, because the girl could not leave their hotel or pool,since she is unable to wear a facial covering due to her diagnosed sensory processing disorder.

What are the details?
On Aug. 6, the Rosses arrived in front of Magic Kingdom’s bus depot, assuming their child would be able to enter without a mask due to the medical exemptions allowed by Orange County — where the park is located — just as she is exempt everywhere in Pennsylvania. But a worker explained that everyone must wear a mask into the park, and that no exemptions are allowed at all.

Ross became upset, and pulled out his phone to take video of the exchange as it continued, asking the Disney worker, “Can my daughter — who is autistic with sensory issues —enter your park without a mask because she medically can’t wear a mask?”

A lot of people are very upset about this due to the girls rights.

But this is just one case and one person that Disney has had trouble with during this COVID time. There are many more.

And speaking of COVID, it continues to be a huge problem for Disney….


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