Dancers Form A Line On The Dance Floor, But When They Separate Something Magical Happens…

Professional dancers have a rough job practicing each and every step to go along to a song. The only thing harder would be doing it, but for many different songs all at once.

Many times classical music is used, partially just for traditions sake. However, there are many dancers now pushing for more contemporary music to find its way into professional dance routines. The emergence of musicals and play featuring contemporary music, as well as non traditional dance becoming more mainstream, may account for some of the shift in music tastes, but whatever the cause, the fusion of classical dances, such as ballet, with modern music is a beautiful mix.

This dance group decided not to just dance to a song from the 90’s, but to dance to a whole medley of them. The music starts with some Vanilla Ice, and continues through a whole range of what might now be considered classics, but definitely not common ballet music. What is the most amazing though is that as the songs change, so does the style of their dance. They really do well showing how dance can express the emotion of the music in ways words can’t.

Read On below to see this amazing performance!

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