Darth Vader’s Original ‘Star Wars’ Helmet Stolen

Law enforcement officials are informing us… Thirty-eight-year-old Frank Hebert was detained on Monday night after he reportedly broke into the Bad Robot Productions building in Santa Monica and allegedly stole ‘Star Wars’ film memorabilia… And also Darth Vader’s iconic helmet.

TMZ reported that the police rushed to the scene and the security staff were told that Hebert had been caught on surveillance footage unlawfully accessing the building from the rooftop, and casually walking out with a shopping cart full of things.

TMZ sources claim the cops soon spotted a man pulling a cart down the street not too far away, which we’re told was full of ‘Star Wars’ stuff—as in the initial props seen in the actual movies.

Cops say underneath a mountain of ‘Star Wars’ pillows, there were 2 helmets … Darth’s iconic black one and a Storm Trooper one too. They arrested him, and Hebert was booked for felony non-residential burglary. He posed for this mug shot heading in.

As for the helmets — our sources tell us all items were safely returned to their rightful owners — and the galaxy was set in harmony once more. The End.

Read the entire article here: www.tmz.com

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