Dave Chappelle may face civil suit after being attacked on stage

While the guy accused of charging at Dave Chappelle during a live performance on Tuesday night looks to have evaded criminal charges, a legal commentator suggested Thursday that Chappelle may face civil liability for his attacker’s injuries.

Isaiah Lee, 23, reportedly went on stage with a firearm and attacked Chappelle as he was winding up his Netflix is a Joke event at the Hollywood Bowl.

The assailant was presumably caught by Chappelle’s security crew, and he was eventually brought away from the arena on a stretcher with an apparent arm injury and bruising on his face.

“Believe it or not, Dave Chappelle and his team may be facing some civil liabilities when all of the dust settles,” legal analyst Alison Triessl told KTLA.

“If the threat was over and he was no longer a danger, and had been restrained, they can not take revenge on Mr. Lee,” Triessl said.

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