DC Comics Reportedly Planning A Black Batman For 2020

It’s definitely inspiring to see any kind of diversity when it comes to our comicbook movies.

Nowadays, from news outlets to Hollywood films, there are more and more ethnically diverse actors coming to the fore and we’re down for that for sure.

However, when it comes to movies with characters who have been around for a long time, we usually see just the same gender or race playing them on screens.

Huge properties like Marvel and DC Comics have been around for years, but in recent days, re-makes of their iconic movies & characters have been coming forward featuring a far more varied ensemble, and it looks like

Batman is the next on the list.

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There have been 7 movies made of Batman…
But, despite the major success of these series, they all have one big thing in common…ALL the actors who have portrayed Batman have been all white.

It’s been put forward by Qrewcial that “minority groups deserve to see themselves represented on screen in meaningful ways that allow them to visualize themselves as the hero of the story.”

“Seeing diverse representation in these blockbuster superhero films also normalizes and humanizes diverse groups in a way that has an impact on society.”

It looks like this demand my finally be heard…

Reportedly, rumor has it, DC is planning on bringing us a black Batman next year.

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston noted that the topic has been hot discussion at a variety of comic shows.

And fans are already speculating on who might play the role…

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