DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Cancelled After 7 Seasons on The CW

The CW has decided not to renew DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for an eighth season.

Following on the heels of Batwoman, the series, which concentrated on an ensemble cast of B-list superheroes, was officially cancelled today. The status of the DC adaption Naomi is unknown, with The Flash and Superman & Lois already receiving early renewals.

With an eighth season, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would have defied the odds and outlasted Arrow, the first program in The CW’s shared DC multiverse of shows. Instead, the series concluded on a cliffhanger that featured Booster Gold (Donald Faison), a long-awaited figure on the show.

A time-travel series with a revolving cast, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow changed things up this season by removing time-travel from the first handful of episodes. The Legends began the seventh season stranded in 1920s Texas. It later turned out that a corrupted version of Gideon, the AI that ran the team’s timeship the Waverider, had built a robotic team of evil Legends and was hell-bent on destroying the real ones and replacing them with more “efficient” versions of themselves.

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