Deadpool 3 Rumors Swirl as Halle Berry Posts Cryptic Photo

As a result of Halle Berry posting a photo of herself with a silver hairstyle, Deadpool 3 speculations are once more rife. The well-liked actress shared a photo of herself petting a kitten on social media along with the statement, “Patience takes patience.” The rumor mill is now in full swing as all the other returning actors for Ryan Reynolds’ MCU debut have been verified.

Bringing back as many veteran performers as possible for the sequel would be a huge box office attraction, especially with other X-Men stars like Hugh Jackman already on board. Fans’ favorites like Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and others have already signed up.

We performed the exact same song and dance about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, not to spoil the enjoyment for the Internet.

When Berry walked the red carpet back then, the internet was ablaze with theories about what it may all entail.

Although there was some X-Men presence for Benedict Cumberbatch’s movie, Storm wasn’t there. Could Deadpool 3 suffer from the same kind of letdown?

Berry was questioned by Brandon Davis of Comicbook.com about making a comeback as Storm, and she seemed okay with it.

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