DeLorean Reportedly Releasing First New Car in Nearly 40 Years

When I think about some of the best times of my childhood, I have to include going to the movies. And one of my all-time favorite movies from child-hood and even now still is…Back to the Future. I thought Michael J. Fox was the coolest dude and just everything about the premise and the thrilling action was incredible.

But one of the things that is from the movie that will forever be linked to the movie is the iconic DeLorean. To this day when I see that car my mind immediately jumps to Back to the Future.

In fact…I can’t think of another movie where you simply see a car and the car itself truly defines the movie. its right there with the batmobile in terms of most memorable vehicles in movie history.

So when we heard the breaking news today the real possibility that DeLorean might be releasing it’s first new car in almost 40 years, we kinda of freaked out!

Read On to get the hot news on this iconic car!

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