Diamond and Silk Share Personal Awakening Behind Their Support of Trump

Photo Credit: Charismanews

Diamond and Silk…as two black women, have really taken the world by storm for there fierce beliefs and support of Donald Trump.

From charismanews.com:

“We had a supposedly Black president for eight years who didn’t do anything for the Black community,” said Diamond. “The one thing we realized was that Barack Hussein Obama, he was a career politician. Bush? Career politician. Bill Clinton? Career politician.

“We didn’t need another career politician. We wanted a businessman who had the master plan to truly make this place great again,” Diamond said.

“When candidate Donald Trump started talking about ‘I want to secure the border,’ don’t you secure your house? Isn’t the White House secure? America’s house should be secure,” Diamond said. “[Trump said], ‘I want to bring back jobs.’ It was Barack Hussein Obama who said, ‘Hey, these jobs will never come back. You will have to wave a magic wand.’ Well, I guess that magic wand must have been the businessman, President Donald J. Trump, because those jobs started coming back,” she said.

Silk added, “So you could say that Diamond and Silk had an awakening. … the awakening of Diamond and Silk from the fall of being stuck in what we call the ‘black box’ of the Democrat Party. And what we realized is that we have our own minds; we can think for ourselves. We have our own mouths; we can speak for ourselves. We don’t need anybody spoon-feeding us a narrative and choking us to believe in this ideology that [Leftists] continue to push down our throats, that [says] because you’re Black, you can only vote Democrat.

“We awakened from that particular dialogue and realized that we can vote for whomever we wanted to vote for, and that’s what we did,” Silk said. “We voted for Donald J. Trump.”

Source Credit: www.charismanews.com

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