Director Tim Miller Would Love to See DEADPOOL and SPIDER-MAN Crossover

So…what about a movie with Spider-Man and Deadpool? That would be totally awesome and something that fans would definitely pay to see more than once!

The question of possibly seeing the two Marvel Comics buddies (in Deadpool’s eyes at least) was brought up by SuperHero Hype’s Sabina Ibarra during the press junket for the Deadpool DVD/Blu-Ray release long time ago. Director Tim Miller rephrased a statement he used when it came to bringing together the Marvel universe on the big screen when he said  “Simon and I have been trying to build bridges.”

“Building bridges” and “healing rifts” have been words that have come out of Miller a lot in the past. Marvel’s superheroes are separated by different studios—Marvel Studios, Sony Entertainment, Disney and Fox.

Marvel owns all the Marvel characters, and Disney owns Marvel. Yes, all the Marvel characters. Marvel owns Spider-Man, Hulk, Namor, Fantastic Four, all of them, and they always have. They owned Daredevil and Ghost Rider when they were in movies at other studios.

Sony owns a license to use Spider-Man in films under rigidly-defined conditions, but Marvel owns Spider-Man. Sony has to pay Marvel part of the box office for every Spider-Man film, because of the license agreement.

Universal owns a contract giving them distribution rights for Hulk movies. Marvel owns Hulk.

And Fox owned a license to use Deadpool as part of the X-Men contract. Now that Disney owns Fox, that contract is null and void, but even when it was in force, Marvel owned Deadpool, and Fox owned a license to use him.

And Miller wants all of them together.

Well, bgr.com recently posted an article on this very subject.

Here is what they had to say:

A couple of distinct reports from two Marvel insiders seem to make a lot of sense when combined. Beware: There are still just rumors, and you should treat them accordingly.

Daniel Richman, who provided accurate details about Marvel projects in the past, said a few days ago that Kevin Feige and Marvel are interested in signing Ryan Reynolds to what might turn out to be the biggest contract in the MCU so far. Deadpool/Wade Wilson would appear in more MCU projects than any other actor, according to the leaker. If accurate, Deadpool will appear in more movies than Iron Man and Captain America.

The second report comes from GeekosityMag’s Mikey Sutton, another leaker with knowledge of Marvel plans. Sutton says that a Spider-Man/Deadpool team-up movie is being discussed, and “both companies are ecstatic about the idea of a buddy movie with Spider-Man and Deadpool.”


Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

If these studios strike a deal, we could see Deadpool and Spider-Man team-up in a hilarious buddy cop movie. And that’s aside from seeing Spider-Man go into battle with the X-Men. The possibilities are endless!

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