Disney Classic Leaving Netflix in a Few Weeks

The Princess and the Frog is one of Disney’s most popular animated flicks, but time is running out for those who have been watching it on Netflix. The Princess and the Frog, along with a number of other titles, will be removed off the streaming service next month, but fans will have until July 15 to enjoy them. The film is also available to view on Disney+ right now.

It was released in December of 2009. The Princess and the Frog is based on E.D. Baker’s novel The Frog Princess and the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Frog Prince, and includes Disney’s first Black princess. Tiana (voiced by Anika Noni Rose), a diligent waitress who dreams of owning her own restaurant, gets changed into a frog after kissing a prince who has been converted into a frog by an evil witch doctor, Dr. Facilier, and must find a means to be returned to her human form before time runs out.

Beyond the film’s enduring popularity, its impact as the first Disney animated film to feature a Black princess also continues. Rose recently spoke about her character Tiana’s legacy during a Juneteenth celebration in her hometown of Bloomfield, Connecticut. During her speech, Rose noted that she had brought the premiere of The Princess and the Frog to the area before its global release and explained that it was important for her that the film have a positive impact on the children of the community.

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