Disney+Marvel Show Shuts Down Production Over Coronavirus Concerns

Well Marvel fans…we have some bad news. We just got news that Disney Plus and Marvel are shutting down one of it’s most highly anticipated original shows due to the coronavirus.

This is really starting to get scary folks as the domino effect is in full force from this outbreak.

From comicbook.com:

Production for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is on hiatus, at least for the moment. As a result of the expanding coronavirus outbreak — something the WHO suggests will soon become a pandemic — Marvel has been forced to halt production on the Disney+ series. After filming the show for months at locations in and around Atlanta, production shifted to Prague just last week and now, a report from Deadline says cast and crew involved in the production are being asked to return to Atlanta. It’s unclear if filming will ever resume in the European country.

It’s the second production hurdle the series has had to face in recent months. The show was previously set to film scenes in Puerto Rico, though those plans shifted after the territory suffered several catastrophic earthquakes.

Source Credit: Comicbook.com

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