Dog Purposely Starved To Near Death – But A Miracle Was About To Happen For This Puppy!

A dog named Angel was dying – and it’s because she was was being purposely starved. You might want to have a tissue handy – but don’t worry – there’s a happy ending to this sweet girl’s story.

The video on the page is definitely going to make you sob – at first in disgust and sadness. How can anyone possibly treat any animal so cruelly? It’s horrible how often we hear cases of abuse.

Then you’ll be crying tears of joy because this amazing Angel was finally rescued. Her rescuers said she was in the worst state they had ever seen. She was down to skin and bones. She could hardly move.

The rescuers were extremely fearful that it was too late for this precious pup. They were all begging and praying for a miracle at this point.

Continue to the next page to watch the true miracle and transformation – it’s truly unbelievable and we’d like to think there was more than luck on her side. You have to see this.

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