Dog Swimming In A Lake Brings Back A Baby Bird That He Saved!

This dog  is the sweetest thing ever. A black Lab goes into the lake and bring back something that will floor you. It’s amazing how he even managed to keep the poor little thing alive.

As the dog reaches the bank, he opens his mouth and voila, a baby bird drops out. As it turns out, he went into the lake to save the bird from drowning to death.

The adorable Lab reportedly jumped in the water as soon as he saw the baby bird, put him in his mouth and then swam to safety before releasing the poor thing in dry land. What incredible instincts!

While some people say that the video might be staged, you can’t really fault the dog at all. In fact, props to him for being as gentle as he was to the frail bird. Not many dogs can be that gentle to tiny animals.

Read On below to watch the video to see the dog’s awesomeness in action. What a hero he is and we shouldn’t take that away from him regardless of what our suspicions about his owner are.

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