Donald Trump Calls Dr. Fauci ‘an Idiot’ After His ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Donald Trump just doesn’t appreciate it when he’s contradicted about the coronavirus, the presidency, or anything else. The new victim of his name-calling is once again… Dr. Fauci, who recently revealed the realities of the White House. 

Donald Trump has just been humiliated after a recent personnel call has been leaked. 

And, of course, it finished with a name-calling, as always.

But on this occasion he is going after Dr. Fauci and many are outraged about it.

Calling one of the top medical advisors in the country an “idiot” probably wasn’t the best way to go about things, especially when he’s helping research to minimize deaths from the coronavirus.

The president should appreciate that more than anyone since his diagnosis.

In typical fashion the president announced the diagnosis via twitter:


A lot of people though it was all just a hoax…


And along with no evidence of a negative test, Trump thought it was appropriate to address the country with an update about how awesome he thought … yeah, and he also wanted to tell millions of Americans not to “fear the infection” and try to “deal with it.”


The President then made a pledge to offer COVID “free health insurance” to every American …


Since then he has been all over the place, with a national tour, attending various rallies with no one wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

Now things have escalated lately when Trump criticized Dr. Fauci, one of the country’s leading infection specialists.

During a staff call that was leaked, he referred to the doctor as an “idiot.” But that’s not all…Tensions have been building between the pair for a while now but has finally hit boiling point.

Dr. Fauci was interviewed by 60 Minutes and was asked some pretty tough, on the spot, questions, which he answered pretty honestly it seems.

At one point the expert was asked if the White House was controlling when he could speak with the media and he replied “yes.” Yikes.

As mentioned by CNN, which obtained access to the call from a source, he said:

And of course with the president saying all these bad things about Fauci, has many people furious.

How do you think this will all end between the two?

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