Trump Turns Angry and Despondent With First Public Appearance in 36 Hours

Trump just ended his thirty-six-hour blackout or silence just a couple of hours ago with a White House press conference.

And as a result, many of his supporters were left feeling extremely nervous.

So, what was said exactly?

Of course, he did not waste time still voicing his somewhat confidence in his prospects of re-election.

“If you count the legal votes, I win.” He said.

Trump has made this point previously, even if the ballots are already tallied.

He weighed in on the mail-in votes, too.

And they were slammed as “one-sided.”

Trump ran a campaign focused on misleading allegations that postal polling was more prone to bribery and urged his followers not to vote via mail.

He also insisted that “the media polling was election interference.”

In addition to his allegations of electoral manipulation, Trump alleged that “election interference” was the media’s polling before the vote.

All and all, he left the conference looking like someone who just lost, desperate, and, most honestly, panicked.

We all have to wait to see what’s going to happen with the election.

See the briefing in question below.

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