Dragon Ball: Luis Alfonso Mendoza, The Latin Voice of Gohan, Has Been Killed

Today the Dragon Ball & Anime world was shocked to learn the news that Luis Alfonso Mendoza who was best known for the voice of Gohan and was also known for being the Spanish voice of Bugs Bunny… was killed.

And we also learned that his wife and brother-in-law were also killed. Just horrible, devastating news.

From comicbook.com:

According to local news authorities, Mendoza was said to have been killed recently after getting involved in a dispute. Mendoza. Was said to have died after arguing with a tenant renting studio space from him. The assailant also killed Mendoza’s wife and brother-in-law before attempting suicide.

From what is being reported, apparently the attacker is still alive after a failed attempt to take his life but is in serious condition.

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