DRAGON BALL Z: THE FALL of MEN Fan Film Packs a Powerful Punch of Realism!

We’ve never been wowed by a live-action Dragon Ball Z movie before. That is until the Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men fan film was released online. Rarely do we see quality storytelling, acting, special effects, and faithful adaptation all rolled into one in a fan film. Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men is not like most fan films you’ve seen before.

In less than 36 hours, the 30-minute mini-movie reached half-a-million viewers as it went viral almost from the moment it was released online via YouTube. Produced by Yohan Faure and Vianney Griffon, Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men was created by a wonderful bunch of faithful European fans of the internationally popular anime series.

Here’s the official plot details of the beautifully made fan-film by BlackSmokeFilms:

The World isn’t like it’s supposed to be.

Something happened along the way.

With these words TRUNKS reminds himself the arrival of CELL, the loss of his friends and his training for combat.

While he knows he doesn’t have any chance, he will try to make the difference and bring back the lost hope.

This Fan Fiction was born from our desire to adapt DRAGON BALL Z into a film, while adopting a dramatic and realistic approach.

THE FALL OF MEN is set in different future, inspired by characters of the DBZ saga, this untold story pays tribute to AKIRA TORIYAMA’s universe.

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