Dwayne Johnson Facing A Devastating Box Office Flop

When you hear the name Dwayne Johnson, you immediately think of “The Rock,” his wrestling alias, muscles, a terrific grin, and box office success, not box office failure.

However, the Red Notice actor may be suffering disaster with his new picture, Black Adam. According to Variety, the Warner Bros. DC universe picture has only made $387 million globally so far, but it needs to make at least $600 million to break even.

Black Adam, a Shazam! spinoff, stars Dwayne Johnson as the title villain and, according to Variety, is considered a disaster based on its box office results.

Many projects are battling to achieve pre-pandemic levels, but the picture cost $195 million to create and would need to earn $600 million to break even.

The picture, which garnered poor reviews, opened in cinemas across the United States on October 21 and has only grossed $387 million globally in its seven-week run.

This demonstrates that no matter how famous the celebrity, any film may fail on the big screen.

Dwayne Johnson isn’t an actor who has seen many flops in his acting career. Considered one of the world’s highest-paid and highest-grossing actors, Johnson’s films have grossed over $10.5 billion worldwide and $3.5 billion in North America.

While Black Adam may prove to be a Dwayne Johnson flop, there is still potential for more earnings with TV and streaming deals yet to come. And the fact is most movies rely on rentals, sales, product sales, etc., to make up for money lost in the theaters.

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