Disney Doing Jack Sparrow Movie WITHOUT Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean film series is continuing without Johnny Depp. Disney has many films planned for the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, one of which stars Margot Robbie.

According to rumours, Disney may not be revealing Jack Sparrow’s whereabouts in these projects. While this is true, they will not entirely neglect the character. One of Giant Freakin Robot’s reliable inside sources has revealed that Disney is now working on a Jack Sparrow standalone project. Johnny Depp will not be involved in this project.

This is a bold move by Disney. Audiences have grown fond of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. We were able to confirm with our source that the new project will be a solo one, so Jack Sparrow will be at the center of this story. It is also clear that Depp is not involved. We were unable to confirm what the story will be about.

Are audiences ready to see Jack Sparrow played by another actor? Is there another actor brave enough to take on the famous role for Disney? Johnny Depp played the character in such a distinct way that anyone else taking on the role is in for a big challenge.

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