WB Replacing Ezra Miller As The Flash With Dylan O’Brien?

As the problems surrounding actor Ezra Miller mount, many fans are wondering what will happen to his character The Flash. He’s a DCEU mainstay, and it was believed that he’d feature in many more films in the following years.

But, given the claims leveled against Ezra Miller, not to mention many arrests, everyone is aware that many other actors have had their contracts revoked for significantly less. In related news, Screen Geek reports that Warner Bros. is investigating their alternatives for replacing Ezra Miller.

It’s unclear how many actors have topped WB’s list to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. However, one such name that a source close to the situation has informed us about is Dylan O’Brien. The 30-year-old actor is known for roles in both television and film, including the MTV series Teen Wolf. He also played the lead character in Love and Monsters.

Of course, fans have their own ideas on who they think should be the next Flash. Actor Grant Gustin is a common pick. He’s an obvious pick considering he’s previously played The Flash in The CW’s Arrowverse.

Having said that, Grant Gustin’s move from the Arrowverse to the DCEU might be tricky. Even if those respective continuities haven’t already crossed across.

Despite all this buzz, there is also news that goes counter to this new report. This is what ‘The Direct’ has posted:

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