Soon To Be Father Gets Appalling News in Delivery Room – Where Are The Babies?

Paul Servat gets the shock of his life after awaiting for his wife to deliver quintuplets. After months of awaiting this glorious day, Paul never imagined he would be told that he is not going to be a father.

The nurse tells him that in-fact, you were never going to be a father to begin with.

35 year-old Paul Servat and 37 year old Barbra Bienvenue began dating after meeting each other on an online dating site. One month after meeting, girlfriend Barbra announces she is pregnant. “We were so happy,” Servat said. “Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren.

But this pregnancy seemed strange” recalled friend Geneviève Laflamme. “In the beginning Barbra told me she was going to have twins, then twins turned into triplets and then somehow changed to quadruplets. She fooled everyone; Paul, me, the whole town and perhaps herself even!”

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