Ezra Miller Admonishes Cops Over Sore Wrists and Incorrect Pronoun Usage in Body Cam Footage

More body cam footage of Ezra Miller’s arrest in Hawaii has been released, and the actor gets a little heated in the clip. Miller was caught by authorities in Hawaii in March after an altercation at a neighborhood pub where they were reportedly harassing other clients. They were charged with harassment and unruly behaviour.

Parts of the arrest had already been revealed in video footage circulated on the internet. Miller may be seen in the video talking about nerve damage to their wrists caused by a previous incarceration. As they get inside the police vehicle, they keep asking the arresting policemen to be cautious with the shackles so that they don’t further injure their wrists.

On the ride to the station is when things start getting more heated. While speaking with Miller, an officer refers to them as “sir,” sparking a negative reaction. Miller, audibly angry, explains, “I’m sorry, I’m not a sir. I’m a transgender nonbinary. If you fail to do that again, that is an act of intentional bigotry, and it is a technical hate crime under U.S. federal law. Please call me they/them/their, and you can use the term ‘mx’ if you prefer. Transgender nonbinary!”

Watch the bazaar bodycam footage below:

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