Ezra Miller has deleted their Instagram after posting memes taunting authorities searching for the actor

The public image of a Hollywood celebrity has always been crucial, and Warner Bros. is now battling in that area with a lot of their DC performers. Not only is the studio fighting requests for Amber Heard to be replaced as Mera in Aquaman, but The Flash’s Ezra Miller has sparked his own controversy in recent months, only one year before the release of their standalone film.

Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii in less than a month on allegations of harassment and violence. After threatening to burn and murder the couple, a couple sought for a restraining order against the actor.

The parents of 18-year-old Tokota Iron Eyes recently filed a case with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court accusing Miller of grooming their kid. Miller and Iron Eyes initially met when Miller was 23 and Iron Eyes was just 12 years old, and the parents believe the Hollywood star used “violence, intimidation, the threat of violence, terror, psychosis, delusions, and narcotics to retain power over” her.

The court has not been able to contact Miller at this time, but they have replied to the claims by publishing memes on Instagram.

The Flash actor Ezra Miller shared several memes on their Instagram story in response to allegations of grooming 18-year-old climate activist Tokota Iron Eyes when she was a minor.

According to TMZ, Iron Eyes’ parents accused Miller of supplying the underage climate activist with alcohol, marijuana, and LSD, while also using violence to “hold sway” over her.

As courts reportedly try and fail to locate The Flash star, Miller has shared five memes, the first of which carries the text “you cannot touch me, I am in another universe.”

But he has now since deleted the instagram memes. HOWEVER, we were able to save them for you to see.

Check out the posts below.

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes


Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes


And this was the most disturbing post that Ezra made:

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes


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