Ezra Miller’s Flash DCEU Future May Be Over After Recent Arrest

Following Ezra Miller’s recent arrest in Hawaii, the DCEU future of The Flash movie actor is allegedly at risk after Warner Bros. and DC Films conducted an emergency meeting. 

Miller was an original DCEU actor who joined Warner Bros.’ cinematic world after being hired as Barry Allen in October 2014. While a standalone picture was planned over eight years ago, The Flash had several delays due to development hell. 

Miller, on the other hand, has appeared in several DC films over the years, including brief appearances in Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

While Andy Muschietti’s The Flash ended principal filming last year, Warner Bros. had to push it back again again. Instead of coming in November 2022, the company has pushed it out to June 2023, when the film’s visual effects will be completed. 

Now, Warner Bros. and DC Films are dealing with a different issue. Miller was arrested recently in Hilo, Hawaii, for disorderly behavior and harassment. Not long later, news broke of a couple who had obtained a restraining order against the DCEU star.

Miller allegedly stormed into their flat, threatened to murder them, and stole personal stuff.

After these incidents, it appears that Miller’s future within the DCEU may be about to change. In a report from Rolling Stone, their sources revealed that Warner Bros. and DC Films had an emergency meeting on March 30 to discuss Miller’s future in the DCEU. Due to the actor’s arrest, Warner Bros. is reportedly hitting pause on any future appearances by the actor in the DCEU. This involves any cameos and development on a potential sequel to The Flash, a decision that doesn’t have to be made for at least a year, according to the article.

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