Five-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Puts On Amazing Performance

There are a number of videos showcasing little boys or girls displaying their exceptional abilities, but still, watching this five-year – old boy playing the piano keyboard with such mastery at such a young age is awesome!

Meet Evan Le, the genius on the piano. e was born on May 31, 2011, in Torrance, CA, and received his first piano class in December 2014 when he was only three years old. So that is two years of hard work displayed in this stunning video that you’re about to witness!

t’s unbelievable that just after two years of formal training this kid has turned into a little master! Very impressive stuff on the piano. Watch as Evan rehearses for his recital in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The young kid plays the Minute Waltz of Chopin to perfection.

At the beginning of this clip, the piano prodigy sits quietly in front of the piano, looking squarely at the keyboard. He remains in silence for a few minutes, deeply focused on the instrument. Moments later, he waves one of his little hands over the keys and launches into a dazzling score, channeling the great Chopin himself. Unbelievable!

The little genius finishes his success with flying colours, much to our delight! Yes, indeed a new star has been born!

Check out this amazing performance below!

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