WATCH: Four Girls Stand In A Line, As They Turn Around Keep An Eye On Their Feet

When you think of dancing, what comes to mind? Ballet, hip-hop, or ballroom? Tango, tap, or jazz? There are so many beautiful styles of dance out there.

But a group of four girls perform a style of dance that many are not familiar with, and it’s mind-blowing!

People often think of Riverdance when they think of Irish dancing, however, there are many other types and genres. Lots of Irish dancing, does involve a very quick and precise movement of the feet.

Four girls take the floor and begin in a perfectly straight line. Then, they fan out by moving their little feet as fast as can be. It’s hard to imagine how they are moving so quickly. It looks like they’re basically floating on air!

The girls are dressed in traditional Irish costumes and have clearly been dancing for quite some time now. Their movies are absolutely stunning and it’s hard to fathom how precise and in sync they all are.

According to See It Live, “unlike most American music that has four quarter notes per measure (and is said to be in 4:4 time), Irish step dancing sometimes follows different rhythms that are measured in sixes.” That would explain the fast movement!

Read on below to see this amazing  performance!

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