Girl Rushed Out Of McDonald’s Bathroom Crying, Then Her Mom Noticed A Strange Spot On Her Leg

Kaya walked into the restroom for a few moments, and everything appeared to be alright. Nicole heard a piercing scream and hysterics she had never heard before coming from the bathroom! This wasn’t Kaya’s first time screaming or sobbing, but something about the sense of terror and panic in her little daughter’s voice told her something was badly wrong.

Nicole got into the bathroom and looked in horror as she saw Kaya a few feet from the toilet and she her leg was bleeding. Her mom rushed over to her not knowing what was going on.

They would later find out that those two giggling teens were laughing because they put superglue on the toilet so that the next person who sat down would get stuck! The poor victim to the teens cruel prank was Kaya, who somehow got herself off the seat but the top layer of skin on her leg was still stuck to the seat.

Watch the video below to get all the details on what happened.

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