Girl Warns Classmates She ‘Can’t Sing’ — But Jaw-Dropping Performance Has Them Going Nuts

Public speaking or performing in front of a large audience can be absolutely nerve-wracking. It’s a fear that millions of us have. Whether you’re taking the stage for the first time or performing for the millionth, it takes some serious guts.

A school had an open mic session and one girl decided that she was going to put herself out there and give it a shot. The girl said that she was going to play the piano and told her classmates that she “couldn’t sing very well.”

Well, 2 million people have now seen her video and completely disagree. The second she starts tickling those ivories and lets out her voice, all of her classmates were completely stunned and had to start recording with their cell phones.

The performance continues and it’s so good that it’s enough to give you goosebumps. The young teenager plays the piano flawlessly and she has a voice to match. She hits high notes and low notes with ease.

Continue to the next page to see the performance that had all of her classmates completely stunned. We’re so glad that she decided to take a shot and perform for her class because now the world can hear!

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