Girl’s Dog Dies – Boyfriend Tries Healing Her Heart With Sweetest Gift In The World!

If you’ve ever lost a pet – you know how painful and heartbreaking that experience can be. There’s absolutely nothing that could ever replace our beloved furry kids. That’s a fact.

But when you read on below, you’ll see a very loving and devoted boyfriend that wants to heal his girlfriend’s broken heart. She just lost her dog to a heart tumor.

And when we say “just” – we mean that her dog, B.B., was put down the day that this video was filmed. It just adds an element of emotion that you can physically feel through the screen.

Obviously and understandably – the woman was devastated and completely inconsolable. Her boyfriend hated seeing her like this and could only think of one thing he could do.

You have to watch this completely adorable and incredibly touching moment. Don’t you just love – “love”?! It’s shown on so many levels in this clip.

Read On to see this moment!

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