Golden Retriever Teaches Puppy How To Use the Stairs!

Japan, a celebrity Golden Retriever who is known for his helping paw, already has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram! There’s a good reason too – he’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

This time Japan was seen assisting a puppy to navigate a flight of stairs. He starts off being firm and finally puts his paw on the puppy’s back for encouragement!

Japan isn’t only adorable, he’s also got a big heart, cheering for his puppy buddy as he undergoes one of the toughest challenges of puppy hood: going down the stairs.

It’s tough being a pup. There are so many things that are new and doing them can be overwhelming at times. But lucky for the pup in the video below, he’s got a really enthusiastic buddy willing to see him through.

Watch the video below and squirm over how cute these two are. Brotherly love for the win! Nothing like some good old family fun.

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