Grieving Dad’s Shocking Message to the Drunk Driver Who Killed His Daughter

You’ll be shocked when you learn the identity of the drunk driver who killed this mans young daughter. This grieving father’s emotional message to that drunk driver will bring tears to your eyes.

Rick Ellis lost his 6-year old daughter Lindsey in a car crash. The reckless, inebriated driver loved having fun, partying, staying up late and drinking whiskey.

Whenever life got too boring or too stressful, they would reach for that bottle. This time, that impulse ended in tragedy that took their own life, as well as Lindsey’s.

Rick, the grieving father, had a full and heavy heart and he needed to deliver a message to that driver.

So he stood at Lindsey’s grave and recorded an emotional plea dedicated to those who drink and drive, in hopes they will rethink their ways and prevent another tragedy waiting to happen.

Read On to find out who this drunk driver was, and hear Rick’s powerful message.


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