Guests Not Happy With Disney’s “Grotesque” New Show

Guests at Disney World enjoy a plethora of options for live entertainment. From live performances of Beauty and the Beast at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to firework displays in the Magic Kingdom, there’s something for everyone. Guests seeking for some wonderful Disney entertainment are in for a treat.

This is also true at EPCOT, where Harmonious, a fresh new show, has lately taken over the World Showcase Lagoon. However, after the show’s addition, some fans have expressed their displeasure and disgust with it.

This is what one loyal die-hard fan said on Reddit:

In the comments, tons of users brought up Illuminations, the previous nighttime show at EPCOT. Most of the commentators labeled this show as a “masterpiece” and were sad that it was replaced. One user plainly stated, “I just wish Disney would realize that having more screens does not equal more magic”. One user called the show “an eyesore”. Another commenter agreed, saying that all of the equipment in the middle of the water ruins the look and feel of World Showcase.

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