Gym Etiquette – For Those Who Love To Exercise!

Don’t be that one annoying person everyone dislikes. Here’s a list of simple common-sense rules for gym etiquette that you should religiously follow in order to prevent yourself from being the laughing stock of the gym you attend.

  • Train well without talking too much. Talk only when required.
  • Don’t eat or drink coffee in the gym. Remember you’re there to train.
  • Don’t pass comments when people are working out. It’s impolite to comment without being asked!
  • Wear appropriate working outfits without exposing yourself in any way.
  • Its gym, not Starbucks, so leave your makeup and designer “workout” outfit at home!
  • Wear comfortable clothing, something that will not rip when you bend!
  • Watch your language at all times.
  • Help IF asked and be positive towards others.
  • Clean off your sweat from the machine you used. Don’t leave it for others to do that for you!
  • Yes the gym has mirrors but they aren’t there for you to do your makeup or look at others!
  • Concentrate on YOUR workout and not what others are doing.
  • When you need to use the changing room, be quick. Remember, many others wait.
  • Share equipment, remember sharing is caring!
  • Don’t get in the way of others while they workout, you may get hurt.
  • Turn off your cell; this definitely disturbs others who’re looking to workout peacefully.
  • Respect others if you want to be respected.
  • If you like to train with music, then get earplugs. Best not to annoy anyone if you’re a metal head!
  • When you’ve finished using equipment, make sure you place them back in their places. You definitely don’t want people to break their bones by tripping on a dumbbell!
  • Don’t show off. Be reasonable and carry weight you can manage.
  • Be yourself, don’t imitate anyone. 

Photo Credit: www.worklifeplay.com

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